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Weight of the Body

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Biografija Reprodukcije Literatura

Marko A. Kovačič (born in 1956)

Kovačič was born on 13 October 1956 in Ljubljana. He studied sculpture at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, from which he graduated in 1984. He also pursued post-graduate studies. Kovačič was one of the key representatives of the 1980s alternative scene in Ljubljana. He was member of the Ana Monro street theatre (1981-1991, originally the Predrazpadom theatre) and the art group Irwin (1983-1985). He participated in the performances of the Egon March Institute (Marko Košnik, 1988-1991). In 1987 he received the Zlata ptica (Golden Bird) award. His creative range is extremely broad and it encompasses performance art, sculpture, installations, video, film, theatre and set design. In theatre, he designed corporate identities for performances and accompanying publications. In his artistic multimedia projects he builds ambiences that, in combination with music and lighting effects and with numerous objects and requisites, often create ironic associations. He expanded his youthful collections of objects that he placed into different contexts (creating displays in empty TV screens) into futurological mock-scientific projects (Plastoses).