Towards Zero Gravity

Weight of the Body

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Biografija Reprodukcije Literatura

Jože Slak Đoka (born in 1951)

Slak was born on 12 March 1951 in Jablan near Mirna Peč in the Dolenjska region. After attending primary school in Koper and the Technical Secondary School (chemistry department) in Ljubljana, he studied painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts from 1971 to 1975 (graduating from the class of Prof. Gabrijel Stupica in 1975). For a period in 1980 he lived in the USA where he developed a closer relationship with wood while working as a carpenter. From 1985 to 1987 he pursued post-graduate studies in Japan. He is a member of the Equrna Gallery. In 1981 he was presented the Zlata Ptica Award (Golden Bird). His medium is painting, and though his work has been classified into the category of the New Image, his work continues to be original in view of his directness and irony. He also writes about his art.