Towards Zero Gravity

Weight of the Body

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Biografija Reprodukcije Literatura

Zora Stančič (born in 1956)

Stančič was born on 10 March 1956 in Štrbe in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Having graduated from the Ljubljana Secondary School of Design, she began her studies of graphic art at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, where she graduated with a degree in lithography (1979-1984, under Prof. Dževad Hozo). Later she completed her postgraduate studies in graphic art at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts in the class led by Prof. Zvest Apollonio (1984-1985; she graduated in 1990). In 1991 she began her post-graduate studies in painting under Prof. J. Bernik. She pursued further studies in Paris (1988), Vienna (1989) and the US (1994). For a short period of time, she was employed as an assistant lecturer at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts (1987-1990). Currently, she is a freelance artist. She has taken part in international workshops and exhibitions of graphic art and has received several awards for her work. She employs a highly innovative approach to graphic art, illustration for books and magazines (Razgledi 1992-96), and graphic design.